Close-up is a category of videos that focuses on the explicit details of a sexual situation. The camera angle is typically zoomed in to capture the intimate details of a scene and provide viewers with an up-close view. This category includes POV (point-of-view) shots, which allow viewers to enjoy a more immersive experience with the video. Close-up videos often feature intense sexual action and can be quite graphic in nature, making them ideal for curious viewers who enjoy exploring their wilder side.

Ellis Finds A Bra That Fits Her Big Tits - Ellis Rose - Scoreland
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Ellis Rose is absorbed in a book. The subject is how to make a bra, a complicated topic. This is important to Ellis. Finding the right bra that fits her big tits and looks good is always an issue for big-boobed girls. It's not all about the cups and the breasts. Every girl's back and band size is different. Straps pinch. Backs bulge. Ellis takes off her SCORE shirt and measures her boobs and also measures her aereolas. She picks a bra off the rack and tries it on. She gives it her special test to see how supportive and comfortable it is and signals her approval. Ellis tries on a second bra and then a third. She lowers it under her boobs and tongues her nipples until they are soaking wet. Her teats stiffen from the licking. After she licks them, she smacks them hard. Ellis sits back and rips her pantyhose gusset apart so she can spread her juicy, pink pussy very wide. She'll get around to the bra-making some other time.
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