Gay Spanking

Gay spanking is a type of BDSM that involves consensual acts of physical punishment and control between two males. It is a way of exploring dominance and submission, as well as increasing intimacy and pleasure. This category features videos of gay men engaging in various spanking activities, such as light slaps with the hand or more intense swats with an implement like a paddle or belt.

Romi Zuska & Viktor Burek in Viktor Burek - Spanking - KinkMen
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In a very good scene we have Viktor Burek's spanking, by Romi Zuska. We find Viktor shackled and gagged, wearing only a jockstrap. He seems to be trying to free himself as Romi arrives, whip in hand. As he whips Viktor Romi chats a little. Then he spanks on his ass, with one hand. Walking back and forth he uses the whip whereever he wants. Then he starts to tickle Viktor as well. He grabs his hair and whips some more, pulling on the jockstrap as well. Then he grabs Viktor's groin and pulls on it. Romi releases Viktor's cock as well, before covering it again, as he whips some more. Then he turns Viktor around, so that his ass is exposed, and spanks and whips it, making Viktor groan. We leave them as Romi has a final session of whipping on that sexy body.
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